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B-litter 03/June/2019

Future & Lale
Miracle & Layla
Miracle & layla

B-litter May / 2019

Please give us some lovely toys.
This is mine.
We are happy on the ground.
What can you see overthere ?

Incanto, Karula, Omnia at Tokyo Big Sitht 16/Dec/2018

Incanto's moving pic
Omnia's moving pic
Incanto's Natural posing
Karula's Natural posing
Karula's moving pic
Omnia's Natural posing

Caresse at Vaasa, Finland 23/11/2018

Moving photo of Incanto 14/10/2018

Playing photo of Nouvelle & Cullinan

Fantastic moment with EL HAMRAH's M-litter June/2017

Fiona & Saphirous 21 / Dec / 2015

Utsunomiya 2days Dog Show 12 & 13 / Sep / 2015

Omaezaki Circuit Show 04&05/july/2015

Nouvelle was stucked free on front of judge.
Ken was stucked free on front of judge.
Ken' moving pic.
Caresse's moving pic.
Eye to eye !
Group pic with Mrs. Star W. White.
Left to Right
Free stuck of Tommy.
Handled by Satomi Fujimoto.

Leonis & Nouvelle 17/May/2014

Alice & Leonis enjoyed Holidays !! 03/May/2014

Pasha had a fun time !! 03/May/2014

Camelon & Sumire 13/April/2014

Show debut photo of Nouvelle 16/Mar/2014

Show debut photo of Leonis 15/Mar/2014

New Year's day of Fiona Jan/2014

A-litter's fun time 31/Dec/2013

Leonis & Nouvelle
Sumire & Fiona

A-litter's first snow 29/Dec/2013

Sumire & Leonis
Massena & Fiona
Massena & Fiona

Nouvelle & Chi-bou 22/Dec/2013

A-litter 24/Nov/2013

Cullinan & Karula 23/Nov/2013

Nouvelle & Incanto Sep/2013

They were talking about 1softtoy.

Ken & Biser 28/June/2012

Z-litter 05/2012

Essam,Louise,Vanquish,Cullinan,Pasha and Lilika 08/2011

Essam said,
I want to play with you !
What are you doing ?
We are waiting.
I'm Vanquish,
I founded something good to play
I'm Pasha,
I had not enargy any more.
Please give me something to drink
Oh, Louise
Where were you stay ?
We are waiting to you.
I'm Lilika.
I had a fun time with Metty.

Cullinan,Metty,Essam & Lilika 05/05/2011

Cullinan is looking around there.
What are you looking for?
Anybody is here?
Did you call me?
I founded everybody,yeah.
Essam,Are you tired?
I want to more play with you !!
but I want to drink some cookies and green tea.
Where are you ????

Amanda,Cecilia & Lilika 03/2011

Happy Birthday,Amanda !!
15 years old, Today !!
Cecilia, You are also 15 years old !!
Congrats your long activity life !!

Lucida,Essam,Margaret & Metty 02/2011

Rasty 2010

photo by Hiromi Koike
CH. Vogue jp Proud Vision

Sapphirus,Amanda,Margaret,and Rasty 2010

Grace and Louise 2010

Christene 12/09/2010
Westchester Kennel Club
at North Branch Park ,NJ , USA

OK, I go.
I wait a little, and is there the person whom I
Is it my imagination?
Round lies down, and the next runs.
I am very happy.
Do not keep me waiting.